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Our Mission

To promote and improve health and emergency response in pursuing economic and cultural development in the fight against poverty and social exclusion in the communities.

Who we are

OGRA Foundation is a Kenyan Non-governmental Organisation founded in 2000 as a youth development group. In 2005 it was elevated to a fully-fledged NGO to expand its reach in Kenya.OGRA continues to touch lives & make a difference to the community it serves.

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What we do

Ogra Foundation works hand-in-hand with Partners to improve health by combating HIV and AIDS, TB, Malaria and other preventable infections and diseases, through integrated socio-economic and cultural development in the fight against poverty.

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Where we work

Ogra Foundation spans its programs across various Health Facilities (both Private Clinics and those run by the Kenya Ministry Of Health), Primary Schools & Institutions as well and the community at large in Nyanza & Western Kenya and its environs.

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