Whoever they are, wherever they are born, every child deserves an equal opportunity. are here to make that happen.

Since 2001, has been fighting against poverty, disease, social exclusion and injustice, to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya. is an ambitious charity with an equally ambitious and innovative project portfolio, working not only in Kenya, but also Uganda, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

After the resounding success of Phase 1 of HealthStart,’s groundbreaking holistic school health and education programme, has received funding from Comic Relief to roll out Phase 2 of Healthstart in 2016, working side-by-side with Ogra to reach more children than ever before. Phase 1 - our pilot - saw school pass rates go from 40% - 87% in two schools. Phase 2 will see us roll HealthStart out to over 20 schools by the end of 2016. By phase 3 in 2020, we want to launch 100 HealthStart schools. That means changing the lives of 80,000 children.

A partner of the Ogra foundation since 2007, has collaborated with Ogra on numerous successful projects such as the OVC feeding program, and funded Ogra to sink 4 boreholes to provide clean drinking water to the communities of Ombeyi, Kochogo, Kunya and Alendu.

OASIS Of Hope, a school where the majority of pupils are orphaned or otherwise vulnerable, has also benefited from The charity constructed four permanent classrooms and staffrooms, dramatically improving the learning environment for the children Ogra foundation would like to thank, and hope to long continue our successful partnership together.

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