OGRA's Collaboration with the Government of Kenya

OGRA Foundation programs are structured in a way to complement government initiatives and to strengthen government systems. This is achieved by working closely with the relevant ministries and department of the Government notably Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, Ministry of Medical Services, Ministry of Education, Children’s department, Provincial Administration, Ministry of Agriculture and other relevant ministries as per project design. We take part in Policy formulation (through advocacy), implementation and review.

In all programs, OGRA addresses the gaps identified by the Government and other stakeholders such that all project proposals are based on the jointly identified gaps. These gaps are then addressed through joint efforts from the Government, OGRA and other stakeholders. This then trickles down to partners developing program work plans, implementing the programs as well as monitoring and evaluation.

These partnership has seen the organization habitually support Annual Work planning at District and provincial level, Vaccination campaigns e.g. polio and measles campaign, Stakeholder forums, and participate in important events such as World AIDS day, World Food Day, ‘Malezi bora’ week and so on. It is therefore the interest of the organization to continue working closely with the relevant government ministries in ensuring that the country meets its target of providing better health to the Kenyan people at all levels.