St Marks - Before

St. Marks' Toilet before renovation.

St Marks - After

New toilets built at St. Marks.


Happy students playing at St. Marks.


WASOT-UK is a not-for-profit organisation registered in the United Kingdom and Channel Islands. Its main objective is to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and its social, economic and cultural impact in the developing world and try to to tackle health inequalities in these communities. WASOT-UK was founded following a three-month HIV/AIDS cross-sectional study among 15-25 year olds in a village community in western Kenya. 

WASOT- UK supported the construction of 3 New Changing rooms and 18 toilets at a St. Mark's Primary School in Nyalenda, the second largest slum in Kenya. The school hosts more than 1,200 students aged between 5 to 14 years old. Bwfore this project, they had only one shared toilet facility which was filthy and overflowing. St. Mark's now has 10 toilets for girls and 8 for boys. There is also running water and a hand-washing section.

In addition, OGRA Foundation supplies 212 teenage girls with sanitary towels and supports the school to provide hygiene traing to staff and students.

OGRA Foundation is grateful for all the support it has recieved from WASOT-UK that has enabled it Give hope, and save lives.

Click here to find out more about WASOT-UK from their website.