Oasis of hope secondary school

Oasis of hope secondary school is a charitable education institution that provides free and affordable secondary education to orphans and other bright and vulnerable children from poor backgrounds. OGRA Foundation helps in the running of the school as well as fundraising for its activities. The institution targets students from slums and other poor environs of Kisumu town. The school is located at the expansive Nyalenda slum (the second largest slum in Kenya). 

Oasis of Hope has a total of 230 students.64 of them are total orphans, 86 partial orphans and 80 have both parents. Though 80(36%) of the students have both parents only 30 (13%) stay with both of their parents. Most of the parents/guardians work as casual laborers or small scale vendors as a result 169 (77%) of the students live in slum houses with no electricity and 102(46%) of the students have brothers / sisters who dropped out of school before form four. Ogra Foundation appreciates KOP and Other funders for their continued support at the school.