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OVC latest KCSE results for the year 2014 Results

HIV/AIDS related  deaths continue to rise and the impact on Kenyan communities is becoming increasingly severe.The problem is especially acute among the young.  In  Nyanza province alone it is estimated that there are more than 650,000 orphans and vulnerable children, the largest of number of any province in Kenya (KAIS 2007, NACC 2007) As a result of the high mortality from the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Nyanza Province, the number of orphans and vulnerable children has risen to an alarming 565,500 which is 31.4% of the total 1.8 million orphans in Kenya.  Nyando district alone has 34,040 orphans while Suba district leads with 51,118 orphans.

The death of one or both parents contributes to breakdown of the family structures, increased school drop outs, and inevitably poverty especially if the deceased parent was the main breadwinner. People in these households continue to live in severe poverty, lacking material and social necessities for growth and development.  Many of the young are already infected with the HIV virus and thus must deal with the complexities of living with HIV/AIDS. Their unmet needs include medication, food, education, psychosocial support, life skills, protection and shelter.
Omen Feeding Centre is a charitable child institution that was set up in the year 2007 by OGRA Foundation through support of Kenyan Orphaned Project a UK based Organization with the main aim of tackling the challenges of the unmet needs of the Orphaned and Vulnerable children in Muhoroni District, Miwani Division. It is committed to serving 75 Orphans and other orphans in the surrounding community Schools.

The Omen feeding centre provides two meals per day to the children, has a strong referral system for treatment for sick cases to Ombeyi Community Medical Clinic, we offer educational support and psycho social support to the Orphans. It also offers a child friendly environment for children to share their views and experiences, play and interact. Children are also supported to continue with their post primary education for example last year out of the 7 candidates  from Omen Feeding Centre who sat for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education 6 of them proceeded to Secondary Schools with equal opportunities to education in gender representation. This added to the total number of children being supported in secondary education to over 80 OVCs. For sustainable, broad-based economic growth to occur in the developing world, the children whose future is most at risk due to conflict, disease, disaster, exploitation, and extreme poverty must have the opportunity to grow, learn, and contribute to society along with their more fortunate peers.

For sustainable program initiatives Omen Feeding Center operates an Income generating Activity, Green House Farming under which it produces vegetables which fits into the children menu. So far this has reduced the cost of feeding by 10% and we anticipate that the second round of the tomatoe green house farming will go along side to reduce more the  cost of feeding and eventually be a self sustainable program
OGRA FOUNDATION is committed to helping orphans, vulnerable children and their families especially those that have been infected and affected by HIV/AIDS by enhancing  access to health care, education, nutrition support  and career development opportunities which often provides a turning point for many OVC's to long-term recovery and a better standard of life.
In the past year 2011 with the support of various partners like Kenyan Orphaned project and other well wishers , we have been able to support over 75 children to access healthcare, education, nutrition, shelter, psychosocial support .and career development  opportunities. We continue to benefit more from the KOP Students summer programs annually.

Post primary School  Education

With the help of other partners and friends of OGRA Foundation, the older OVC’s  have also been provided with  opportunities for secondary and post secondary education to middle level  colleges and public universities for career development. Others OVCs from Oasis of Hope  Secondary School have been put on apprenticeships and skills training of making furniture using water hycnth, after the training they can work in a workshops in the jua kali sector.

We pay special attention to child headed or old grandparents headed households which are on the rise due to increased HIV/AIDS mortality. Last year we supported one such family by providing a decent shelter to an  80 year old blind grandmother and her three grand children. This provided security and safety for this family and even raised their self esteem.
Our target for the next couple of years is to continue providing OVC's with opportunities for a brighter future through a more holistic approach which for instance prioritizes extending help to caregivers of the OVC's and access to justice for OVC's whose rights have been violated and to improve on food security at house hold levels and at the project level by working on Agro business and other Income generating Activities.


  1. 1. Treatment of minor ailments was provided to the  OVCs at the Ombeyi Medical Community Clinic.
  2. 2. Psychosocial support services were administered to 75 OVCs
  3. 3. Improved pupils nutritional status, school attendance, and academic performance, by  two meals per day were served to 75 OVC enrolled in the Omen feeding program
  4. 4. Improved access to  education, retention and academic performance, retention,.

5. School fees support was provided to  over 80  OVCs.

6.  Addressed girls personal health needs, 79 school-going orphaned and vulnerable girls were provided with sanitary towels both at the feeding Centre and Oasis of Hope Secondary School.

  1. 7. Enhanced access to technical training institutions, gain technical skills in various trades, and contribute to their ability of young people to improve their livelihoods.
  2. 8. OVCs from Oasis of Hope were supported have been put on an ongoing apprenticeship and skills training of making furniture using water hyacinth.
  3. 9. College fees were provided to 20 students  at St.Joseph Nyabondo Medical Training College and ISMAT,Public Institutions, to enable them to enroll in institutions of higher learning and pursue professional career development.


It is of great importance to undertake a comprehensive approach to promote the health and well being of children by promoting safe environments for learning. Enhance access to education for all through provision of health and nutritional services and educational support through a right based approach that promotes equality and gender responsiveness.