Ablution Blocks

Water & Sanitation Program

Ogra Foundation has aligned its current Strategic Plan with MDGs and the government’s Vision 2030 flagship projects. MDG 7 requires that to achieve Environmental Sustainability, the world needs to halve by 2015, the proportion of the population without sustainable access to Safe drinking water and basic sanitation, while the world is on track to meeting the drinking water much remains to be done in many regions such as Western Kenya where still over 50% of the population continue to draw water from contaminated wells and rivers and human waste disposal remains a challenge especially in slum dwellings in Kisumu, schools and village communities.

Ogra Foundation recognizes that accelerated and targeted efforts are needed to bring drinking water to all rural households otherwise with half the population of developing regions without sanitation, the 2015 target appears to be out of reach. It is important to note that disparities in urban and rural sanitation coverage remain daunting and indeed improvements in sanitation are bypassing the poor.

To this end in the last two years Ogra Foundation undertook an ambitious program to improve water and sanitation facilities in the slums as well as rural villages within Kisumu County and has so far me the following milestones:

We have drilled and commissioned boreholes at Omen Feeding Centre, Ramula Market, Kunya Village, Alendu Village, Boya, Osani ,Ngiya, providing clean drinking water to over 50,000 persons within the catchment villages within Kisumu County in the last two years.
We have responded to the needs of poor sanitation in Nyalenda Slums and various schools and built Ablution blocks with clean running water at Oasis of Hope Secondary School, St Marks School in Nyalenda, Nyamware Primary School, Kiliti Primary School amongst others.

Our sanitation projects are reaching over 5,000 school children and parents. We are grateful to the following sponsors for their continued support :-

  • 1. JOAC
  • 2. KOP-UK
  • 3. GOAC
  • 4. Orfelia Foundation-USA
  • 5. WASOT-UK